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Memberships, Sponsorships, Race Producer Resources, Rules & More...
  • Accepted Forms of Payment: Etransfer, money order, or cheque. (No Credit Cards Accepted)

  • Applications &/or Payments will NOT be accepted at races.

  • Etransfer can be executed if you bank online.

  • Email address to send etransfer to:

  • Membership Applications are now an online submission only.


Application for membership(s) to the BCBRA is the sole responsibility of the applicant(s) This also includes receipt of confirmation email of valid membership.


The BCBRA will not be held responsible for the following:

1. lost or not received confirmation email due to incorrect email address

2. incorrect or non purchased categories

3. To receive the discount, etransfers must be received no later than January 31st (midnight) at


**IMPORTANT**: Email transfer MUST contain in the memo field the name of the person(s) who is applying for membership including the category per individual


PROCESSING TIME: ETRANSFER - MAY BE within 24 hours BUT no guarantee!  Please insure your application and etransfer is sent in advance if you wish to attend a race. Application MUST be completed in the online form at the same time as etransfer, for expedited processing.


MAIL - by cheque &/or money order to : Up to 14 days. (money order if received, is processed on date of mail delivery) Mailing address: All cheques will have a 5-7 day hold before membership is processed.

Bridget Rosette - Membership Director:

215-1427 Dog Creek Rd,

Williams Lake, BC V2G 3H3


It is mandatory that all members to be a member in good standing at all races entered (regardless whether the BCBRA is 1st approval or co-approved).to receive race credits

Should you attend a race during the time of processing, you will still be required to pay the insurance non-member fee of $5. (This rules only applies where the BCBRA is primary)



(We are offering one free Finals entry for anyone bringing in $1500 worth of sponsors or one free 2024 membership for $500 worth of sponsors. You can get both incentives if you bring in a total of $2000!)

Promotion (of one free entry) can only be used in the current season finals. Promotion for the free membership can only be used in the following season. (can be held to the following season)



Race Forms Package

FAQs For Race Producers 2023

Example Timesheet 4D Breakdown


Note to all Race Producers:  When applying for your Race Approval, please make sure that you use the new form above.  Please make sure that all information is complete.  With everyone using the same form, your approvals will take less time and less chance of error when processing the information.

If you have questions, contact the Race Approval Director


BCBRA Rules (Updated May 2023)

BCBRA Bylaws - 2017


As per Inquiries from Membership to lower some age groups:  

The BCBRA age groups are consistent with those of other organizations and are universally accepted as appropriate for horse related functions. Our association co approves with other organizations with the same age groups so to change this would cause some difficulties for race producers. If anyone has a proposal in this regard it must be brought up at our AGM where it can be discussed and voted on.


2022 AGM Minutes

2021 AGM Minutes

2019 AGM Minutes

2018 AGM Minutes

2017 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

2015 AGM Minutes

2014 AGM Minutes

2013 AGM Minutes

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