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BCBRA Sponsored Races, Awards & Application
Added Monies Awarded for 2023!

For the 2023 Race Season, a total of $4000 will be distributed as follows:


April 8, 2023 in Prince George $250 – Race Producer: Alicia Vogl

May 13&14, 2023 in Williams Lake $800 – Race Producer: Lori Rankin

May 20&21, 2023 in Chase $450 – Race Producer: Brooke Mellish

May 20&21, 2023 in Houston $600 – Race Producer: Tori Long

May 27&28, 2023 in Golden $800 – Race Producer: Shelley Black

June 24, 2023 in Vanderhoof $200 – Race Producer: Dawn Cummins

June 30-July 2, 2023 in Peachland $900 – Race Producer: Kyli Haugland


Request Added Money from the BCBRA for your race: 2024 Season

Any race promoter interested in having money added races, is asked to submit their bids to the BCBRA by March 3, 2024.   BCBRA is looking to offer an equal opportunity to any and all race promoters. Requests for an amount, is dependent on the event being planned. 


Criteria for bids: Race promoter must be a current member in good standing.

The event must be BCBRA 1st approval on all categories. 

Race event must be held after March 11, 2024 prior to July 28, 2024


Application Form

2024 BCBRA Added Money Application Form


Below is the information you will be asked to provide on the application form:

1. Location of proposed race.

2. Date or dates of proposed race.

3. How much money is being requested for the event?

4. Will this be a 1 or 2 day (or other) event?

5. How will this money be split amongst the categories?

6. Is this event hosting other awards &/or added monies?

7. Is this event in conjunction with futurity/derby, gymkhana, fair or other?

8. Will you be using the BCBRA timer?

9. How this event will promote the BCBRA association.


Once all bids are received, the BCBRA board of directors will review, and announce on the website and by email of the lucky recipients of the amounts awarded. Please allow us the week following to meet and discuss. 


If you have any questions, please contact: Bridget Rosette: 

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